The story behind the photo, or is there one?

I have been following the development of artificial intelligence for several years but only from a distance. It seemed more fascinating and anecdotal, as it wasn't supposed to affect my everyday life for years to come. However, last fall, I noticed the development accelerating at an ever-increasing pace, and it became clear that my own work, which wasn't supposed to change among the first, was indeed changing. So, I had to roll up my sleeves and dive into AI, leaving my wife an AI widow. Now, after months of learning, I can participate in the discussion about what this means for our work. Having used several tools, I can say that the creative human being will not disappear anywhere, and AI will be a strong partner in creating material and ideas.

After months of practice, I started to get relatively good images created, but I also noticed that I was getting tired of seeing more and more stunning images everywhere. So, I started practicing making images that resonate more with myself. I want to leave you pondering which of these images is the real one (one is a photo I took, and the other is an image I created with AI) and what kind of emotions the images evoke. I will continue this thread next week.

Have a great weekend, folks!